Anchor Desk Musical Chairs. Another 3 and Out.

Mike McNamara

Welcome to the gig economy…………..

The churn in the industry is real and the economics are simple.  What we need to do to survive and thrive is not.  Consider the shift from traditional broadcast news sources to digital alternatives.  Think about the thousands of j-school grads coming into the market in three months. You see it, I see it. More 24 year old anchors, reporters, hosts than ever before. If you are a woman, the pressures are even greater. Columbia, Medill and Mizzou are graduating classes that are 60-70% female.

In the end, there are less eyeballs on the other side of that teleprompter, there are less seats available, and there are more people that can, and will sit in them.  What can we do?  Prepare.  Prepare for change and make the skills you’ve refined the past 5 or 10 years transferable to either a new multimedia world or consider all…

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