I’m Done….Can’t.Do.This.Anymore.

The burnout is real…what’s next?

Mike McNamara

You’ve reached the end of the line. You’ve been the business or in your role way too long.  It’s not going anywhere and the little voice in your head continues to whisper to you “it’s time to leave” “why aren’t they renewing me?” “what would I do if I leave?”.  You decide to go out on your own, you are considering Real Estate, Consulting, Training, Fitness, Beauty, etc. I spend a considerable amount of my Saturday mornings working with careers in transition, in particular those that decided to go out on their own and explore their entrepreneurial spirit.  Here is the very brief tale of three multimedia talents exploring their dreams………

I’m coaching mid career media talents that are in three very different places along their journey to success.  It has really come down to realization of what our individual strengths are and not spending an entrepreneur’s most valuable resource (time) focused…

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