Millennial this, Millennial that ….. Just a Boomer in Sheep’s Clothing

Mike McNamara


I was just reading yet another article that focused on work behavior of Millennials that really could have been written in 1995 or even 1965 for that matter. I think as writers, coaches, and mentors we have a tendency to get so deep into a project that we overlook the big picture. We lose perspective on the forest, trees, weeds, and end up in the grubs. We also LOVE headlines. We give considerable effort to sensationalize to grab attention and eyeballs while maintaining truth and good taste.

So the article I was reading is titled:

 “What Millennials Do In Their Corporate Jobs That Keep Them From Being Promoted”

From, find it here: <>

In the article there are five areas that are identified as keeping Millennials from being promoted. They are:

  1. Unreasonable Expectations
  2. Unprofessional Dress
  3. Sloppy English, Inappropriate Jokes
  4. Not Embracing Company Culture
  5. Not Developing “Professional” Skills

Every one…

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