The Everlasting ……

“It’s Easy, It’s Beautiful, It’s Simple, The Everlasting Sunday Glow” from The Everlasting by the Michigan band Taproot (photo from Frankfort MI)

Just a reminder that we all need a bit of down time to be able to sustain a high level of performance over time. Your career really isn’t a marathon. It’s more like 26 one-mile sprints happening one after the other. It’s important that between those brutal one-mile sprints that you rejuvenate and recharge in three ways:

  1. Rest
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise

I’m not going to elaborate on this because I’ve written extensively on this in the past. Check out this previous article on how to make your next day your best day on my LinkedIn blog at How To Make The Next Day Your Best Day



Also, I’d suggest checking into a terrific keynote presentation from Dr Julie Gurner on YouTube:


Here’s what I’ll say about what I’ve found to be best practices:

  • Keep meetings short, or incorporate a small 5-10 min break every 50-60 minutes. Start on the hour and break at :50 or :55 after the hour for a few minutes. You’ll immediately notice a difference in engagement and participation if you do this!
  • Do not book your calendar full! For the last 10 years, I intentionally block time to eat, exercise, and read in the course of my day. Not only am I well read on current events and trends, but my energy level, interest and engagement have significantly improved.

So here’s the challenge….You are naturally going to feel a strong sense of guilt around putting these practices into place. You should be doing just the opposite! You should be able to celebrate a higher level of total engagement, performance, and your overall well being.

About Mike McNamara:mmc-on-mac

Mike has held C-Suite, Executive and Senior Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and General Management roles with Equifax, Cox Enterprises, WW Grainger, and Federal-Mogul Corporation. Mike has led sales, service and operations organizations of over 1,500 associates and accountable for P&L responsibility in excess of $250M.

Dedicated to giving back, Mike formed The MBAR Group in 2009 with the sole intent of providing pro bono career and business consulting services. Today he coaches a number of high profile media personalities as well as holding advisory board positions guiding a number of multimedia and small business startups.

Mike earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. He is a past chapter President of the American Marketing Association. Mike and family split time between their adopted state of Missouri and family home in NW Michigan where their philanthropic causes include The Kingdom House – St Louis, BACN in Benzonia, MI., and Samaritan’s Purse, Boone NC.

find more on career and performance management at

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