Time For A Career Breakout? The Manual To Managing Your Career in 2017

Mike McNamara

jailcell-1Heading into the end of the year, it’s time to bring a number of tips and trends together into a single place to help coach the 2017 job seeker. Whether you are looking for your first job out of school or you have had a rewarding 25 year career and you need a change, you will find these tips and trends helpful in your search. This article is a collection of learnings and writing with additional content from pro’s Dr Julie Gurner, Lydia Dishman, Liz Ryan, Jared Lindzon and finally, Glassdoor. See links below to an end-to-end journey on why, how, and where to breakout in 2017, including:

  • Trends and Job Satisfaction
  • Finding the Right Role
  • Finding the Right Company and Culture
  • Best Places to Work and Best CEO’s to Work For
  • THE Toughest Interview Question and How to Answer It
  • Day One – Your ReInvention!

Staring with 2017 trends…

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