Embrace the Suck. Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable.

Mike McNamara


I often get a chuckle about the 24 and 25 year old broadcast journalists complaining about getting up literally in the middle of the night to be on camera at 4am. Yeah, it ain’t fun but it also isn’t going in to make donuts either.

We all have had to “Embrace the Suck” at some point in our careers and it is how we do it that creates character and defines who we are.  It is the grit and perseverance that pushes the strong through.  So, can you …….

Embrace “the Suck”. Can you do it? Are you willing to do it? Check out this terrific Christopher Dessi, MS article.

How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, According to a Green Beret

I’d be remiss for not taking the opportunity to talk about being proactive to manage your career and navigating around the ‘suck’ as often as posibble.  In that…

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