unbreakable faith = capacity


Interesting isn’t it that we set our own boundaries.  They (boundaries)  live in us, in an imaginary state and they shape our foundation.  So ask “how important is a foundation?”  Think about your life as a pyramid.  Isnt the height and size determined by the foundation?  How strong is your faith?  It frames your capacity for sure.  By resetting the boundaries of your faith, you can reset the boundaries of your capacity.  Just for a moment, set aside your spiritual beliefs and think about the faith you have in yourself.  How strong and wide is your foundation? Is it unbreakable?

The song “Unbreakable” by the Christian Metal/Rock band Fireflight reminded me this morning how important that faith is.  You don’t always need to know, but you always need to believe.  See a few lines from “Unbreakable” below……..

Sometimes it’s hard to just keep going
But faith is moving without knowing
Can I trust what I can’t see to reach my destiny?
I want to take control but I know better

God I want to dream again, take me where I’ve never been
I wanna go there, this time I’m not scared
Now I am unbreakable, it’s unmistakable
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me

Forget the fear it’s just a crutch
That tries to hold you back
And turn your dreams to dust
All you need to do is just trust

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