Date Night, Missouri style

Things can be pretty simple in mid-America, including date night.


Mid America Arms in St Louis was celebrating “Ruger Days” yesterday when I stopped by for a little target ammo.  The Ruger P95 caught my attention and was offered at a terrific price.   It fit our needs for a 4″ barrel semi-auto and is a nice fit in Beth’s hand.  Less recoil than our CCW Glock 26 and a very safe double action mechanism was important.  So…..for an afternoon out we head to the range with the P95.  Beth was wicked accurate once she got used to the recoil and rise.  Push 100 rounds through it and it performed flawlessly.  This is a GREAT $300 home self defense weapon.


Well, after a little target practice where else do you go for dinner? The neighborhood grocery store of course! Enjoyed a terrific evening of friends and friendship with the Logue’s and Haney’s.  Had a 2009 Patin Campolive and some crab cakes, blackened scallops, and a pan sautéed Walleye.  All in all, an excellent Saturday afternoon and evening.

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