iPad3 – I’m on the sidelines

So first let me say that I LOVE my original iPad and would be lost without it.  It’s revolutionary and changed the way I look at email, the web, video, etc.  But I got a wake up call the first time I tried to use it outside, in particular the beach or pool.  I found myself shelling out another Benjamin for the new small Nook (which i LOVE).  This really did change the way I looked at my iPad and the way I use it.  It’s a tool, not a toy, and the tool as it was built 3 years ago doesnt need to be clearer or faster for my use.  Do I want higher resolution or faster processing speeds, heck yes!  Do I want to shell out $500+ to obsolete what i have in my hand right now?  No way.  If you dont have a tablet today go pick up a smokin deal on an iPad2 and you’ll get all the functionality and fun.  If you are a gadget geek, why did you read this far? You’re probably already home unpacking that new iPad.

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